Members' websites

If you're an Audax UK member you can add your personal home page to the list below.


Trev and Sue's JOGLE Ride                                Trevor Adams        
Kent Invicta Grimpeur                                    Stephen Airey       
West Kent CTC                                            Stephen Airey       
Randonneur e dintorni                                    Fabio Albertoni     
   My cycling blog (in Italian)                                            
Audax Kernow website                                     Margaret Aldis      
   Website for Audax riders and events in Cornwall                         
Randonneurs Stockholm                                    Mika Alen           
Huggy Guru                                               Hugo Allen-stevens  
   fundraising to support Alzheimer's Society                              
Joy Of Nutrients                                         Hugo Allen-stevens  
   nutritional tips for health and wellbeing                               
Chainline Cycle Club                                     Andrew Amos-adams   
Audaxing - Long Distance Cycling the Easy Way            James Andrews       
   Blog about AUK events, bikes, training tips and more                    
Homepage                                                 Tara Andrews        
Clive Ansell                                             Clive Ansell        
CliftonCC                                                Mark Antrobus       
                                                                                                          Rhisiart Ap Gwilym  
Royal Air Force Cycling Club                             Iain Appleton       
                                                                                                          Iain Appleton       
My personal blog (mostly in Spanish)                     Javier Arias Gonzalez
   My personal blog (mostly in Spanish)                                    
Rugby Velo                                               Mike Arnold         
Parklands Caravan and Camping Park                       Timothy Arnold      
West Kent CTC                                            Vic Ashlee          
   DA Events, Section rides & Social events.                                                                        Dave Atkinson       
   The website for pedal powered people!                                   
CC Breckland                                             Martin Badham       
   Cycling in Mid Norfolk.                                                 
My touring journals                                      Chris Bailey        
Transcontinental Race and training blog                  Gareth Baines       
   Audax, training, sleeping in hedges, cake photos                        
Absolute Watersports                                     John Ball           
   Wakeboard watersports online shop                                       
Absolute Watersports wakeboard shop                      John Ball           
   Wakeboard website clearance deals stock clearance                       
Country cottage cotswold cycle friendly accomodation     John Ball           
   Self Catering luxury accommodation for cyclists                         
Beacon RCC                                               George Barker       
   Bham-based club that organises Express & Cotswold Audaxes               
Beacon message board                                     George Barker       
   Chat and info for members & friends of Beacon RCC                       
King Of The Cogs                                         Terry Barker        
   Personal website about cycling                                          
ACF                                                      Charlotte Barnes    
   Another Cycling Forum                                                   
Adventures of Trio                                       Amy Baron-hall      
Instagram                                                Ed Bartlett         
digital cyclotourisme in French Alps and more            Jean-philippe Battu 
   long distance is adviced                                                
tifigontour                                              Martin Baumgartner  
   (Swiss-)German Blog about recumbent randonneuring                                                             Philip Benstead     
YACF                                                     Adam Bent           
Twoberries                                               Martin Berry        
   Personal web site                                                       
West Dorset Bed & Breakfast                              Charlie Bladon      
   Cycle friendly accommodation, great cycling.                            
Green Jersey French Cycling Holidays                     Charlie Bladon      
   Fully supported cycling holidays throughout France                      
My family website                                        Pete Blagden        
   Details of who we are                                                   
Bolt On Bicycles                                         Chris Bolton        
   Blog focusing on Practical and Recreational Cycling                     
A Freshly Minted Roadie                                  Adam Booth          
   Personal blog about becoming a road cyclist                                                               Gary Boyd           
renewals                                                 Henry Bracewell     
James Thinks                                             James Bradbury      
   Blog covering cycling, technology and whatever is on my mind            
Nuttycyclist's insane world                              Michael Brazier     
   cycling drives us all mad, this is my overflow.                                                            Ben Briffett        
Ashford Wheelers CC                                      Paul Britton        
   Official site of cycling club based in Ashford, Kent                    
CTC Devon District Association                           Graham Brodie       
   Devon CTC's website                                                     
SWAUKs ( SOUTH WEST AUK's)                               Graham Brodie       
   Website for AUK's in SW UK. Pictures of events.                         
Brodies Big Bicycle Bash                                 Graham Brodie       
   My ride around Britain in 2010                                          
Audax and the endless road to a Super Randonneur Series  Joel Bromley        
                                                                                                           Kevin Brown         
   An older bloke rediscovers cycling...                                   
Paul Brown's Cycling Photos                              Paul Brown          
   A Personal Collection of Cycling Pictures                               
Stevenage and North Herts CTC                            Jim Brown           
Emitremmus Desrever                                      Jim Brown           
   Short cut to the popular ride on the last Sunday in October.            
Aberdeen Wheelers                                        Douglas Brown       
End to End 98                                            Derek Brown         
Climbing and road biking holidays                        Andy Bruce          
The Road to PBP                                          Nik Brunner         
   A blog to keep track of progress towards PBP 2015 and beyond            
Sunderland Clarion CC                                    Craster Bryce       
Machacas on Wheels                                       Lucy Buchanan-Parker
   Personal Blog                                                           
Alfreton CTC Website                                     Christopher Bugg    
   Website includes full details of Alfreton CTC Audax Events              
Castle Cameras                                           Brian Callow        
   On-line shopping for cameras and digital photography                    
Highland CTC                                             Steve Carroll       
Strava Profile                                           Matt Carter         
   Where my rides are logged                                               
On t'Cog - Phil's adventures on fixed                    Phil Chadwick       
Sacred steps                                             Garga  Chamberlain  
   My blog on meditation, running and cycling                              
Bicycles                                                 Mark Champion       
   A place for people who love their bicycles                              
Running                                                  Mark Champion       
   Running shoe & gear price comparison site                               
DAB Radios                                               Mark Champion       
   DAB Radio Price Comparison                                              
Aylesbury Cycling Club                                   Jocelyn Chappell    
   rides every 9.00 am Sat & Sun from the Aquavale car park                
Moving Target                                            Bill Chidley        
   the world's most useless messenger 'zine                                
Cornwall Digital                                         Paul Chinn          
Ultra Cycling Sweden                                     Jan Christiansen    
   Organiser of Stockholm-Göteborg non-stop                                
Reading CTC                                              Nick Clark          
York Badger                                              Stephen Clark       
East Anglian Cycling Club                                Tony Clarke         
Strava                                                   Stuart Clitherow    
audax uk                                                 Peter Coates        
Machacasonmwheels                                        Alberto Contreras Sanz
   our log of cycling in the UK and abroad                                 
23MM Wheels                                              Michael Conway      
   Bespoke hand-built wheels                                               
Francis and Sheila's Virtual Alps                        Francis Cooke       
   A photographic cycling tour of the Alps, Pyrenees, Corsica              
Fuchsiaphile                                             Francis Cooke       
   Absolutely nothing to do with cycling.  Nothing at all.                 
Marple Locks                                             Francis Cooke       
   Top-right corner of the Cheshire Ring.                                  
Audax Club Hackney                                       Ivan Cornell        
Cycling Councillor                                       Andrew Cornwell     
   UK cycling events calendars plus ride reviews.                          
George Coulouris' Cycling Page                           George Coulouris    
Pedalling Progress                                       Paul Coulthread     
   Personal cycling blog - TTs to Audax and everything between!            
Another Cycling Forum                                    David Counsell      
JOGLE 2010 - Raising funds for my friend's cancer treatment Richard Cranswick   
   987 miles, 9 days, 2 wheels                                             
Crawley Wheelers                                         Matthew Critchley   
   My home club offering a warm welcome to all AUDAX UK members            
West Yorkshire Super Randonneur website                  Chris Crossland     
   Audax events organised by CTC West Yorkshire DA                         
Instagram Profile                                        Paul Dace           
   Various photos                                                          
Strava page                                              Andie Darlington    
Willesden Cycling Club                                   John Davies         
   Willesden CC for Audax, racing and just plain socialing!                
Gary Davies' Facebook page                               Gary Davies         
ADVNTR                                                   James Deane         
   The Online Adventure Cycling Resource                                   
Sheffield District CTC                                   Gareth Dent         
Combing my hair in a brand new style                     Gareth Dent         
   My cycling blog                                                         
Virtual Cycling                                          Keith Denton        
   Cycling on a home trainer racing leagues                                
Cambridge Cycling Club                                   Terry Dickerson     
   For sporting and racing cyclists                                            John Diffley        
   My personal vinyl collection @ Discogs. DIFFO                           
South Leicestershire CTC Home Page                       Neil Dixon          
South Leicershire CTC Yahoo Group                        Neil Dixon          
   Collaborative site for all members and guests                           
Tandem Things blog                                       Emma Dixon          
Ben's sort of end to end.                                Ben Douglas         
   An account of Coventry to JOG in 2013                                   
Softy commuter to ultra racer - a work in progress       Nick Duggan         
VCNotts                                                  Bruce Dunbar        
Velo Club L'Escargot                                     Roger Dunbar        
   The Ultra Distance Cycling Club...                                      
Thames Valley Audax                                      Phil Dyson          
   A repository for audax events in the Thames Valley area                 
Poole Wheelers                                           Paul Dytham         
ACF                                                      Paul Dytham         
Mile House Barn                                          Brandon Edgeley     
Essex CTC                                                Stefan Eichenseher  
   site includes all our cycling activities & club history                 
Hillingdon Triathletes                                   Mark Eidem          
   West London based triathlon club                                                                        Chris Ellison       
Bungay Cycle School                                      Mark Elmy           
   Bungay Cycle School                                                                 Paul England        
The MAMIL                                                Rupert Englander    
   My blog that covers rides, reviews, views and more.                     
The MAMIL Facebook Page                                  Rupert Englander    
   The Facebook Page to support my blog                                    
The MAMIL YouTube Channel                                Rupert Englander    
   I review cycling products I have bought on this channel                 
Tim's Blog                                               Tim Erasmus         
Laid Back Rich                                           Richard Evans       
   2014 world tour                                                         
The Cycling Diaries                                      Hywel Evans         
   Hywel and Sian's travels by bike                                        
Bill's Strava page                                       Bill Evans          
Audax Ireland                                            Marc Farrelly       
   The official website relating to Audax events in the Emerald            
Bicycling Biochemist                                     Marc Farrelly       
   Personal Blog                                                           
Adventures of a Farrugia                                 Thomas Farrugia     
   What I do when I'm not a PhD student.                                   
Mein Blog Dicker Radsportler                             Mike Fellendorf     
Strava Personal Profile                                  Neil Feltham        
End to End on Two Wheels                                 Mark Fenwick        
   My touring website (Jogle, Iceland, Fance & Scandinavia)                
Audax  Angus                                             Alan Ferrier        
The Foundation Rides                                     Andy Fewtrell       
   Three calendar events in June                                           
Dunwich Dynamo                                           Patrick Field       
   A jolly,  July  night-ride from London to the Suffolk coast.            
Cranks                                                   Laurence Finlay     
   Website of Cranks cycling club.                                                                         Colin Fisher        
Chippenham Wheelers                                      Eric Fletcher       
   Traditional cycling club - racing through to leisure                    
Wheels 2 Wheels                                          Martin Foley        
   Mobile cycle repair/servicing in Edinburgh and the Lothians             
M-Bikes Ltd                                              Martin Foreman      
   My Bike Shop in Downham Market                                          
Ramblings of a silverback cyclist                        Rich Forrest        
   As it says on the tin, just ramblings.                                  
David Frank Consulting                                   David Frank         
Iowa Randonneurs                                         Robert Fry          
   BRM events organized in Iowa, USA, by Iowa Randonneurs                  
Integrated Health Solutions for Companies and their employee Alan Gellatly       
Personal Training for cycling                            Alan Gellatly       
   Individual personal training for cycling and other fitness              
ICYCLE                                                   Ian Gerrard         
   Bedfordshire Cycling Club that caters all types of cycling              
ST NEOTS CC                                              Ian Gerrard         
   St Neots cycling club                                                   
Leeds CTC                                                Andrew Gibson       
Cycle Club Sudbury                                       Peter Gibson        
Western Isles Audax                                      Ian Gilbert         
Everyday Stories                                         James Gillies       
                                                                                             Steve Gloster       
Challenge B.I.G                                          Daniel Gobert       
   claim the 1000 best cycling climbs in Europe !                          
Biking & Babbling                                        Brian Goldsmith     
   My cycling and other things blog, but mainly cycling.                   
Bike Shed Fred                                           Mark Goodson        
   A fun blog about cycling and cyclists                                   
Manchester Wheelers' Club                                Simon Goodwin       
                                                                                                  Jennifer Goslin     
Saddleworth Clarion                                      Mike Gradwell       
Royal Dean Forest CC                                     Martin Green        
                                                                                                  Ray Green           
mikegreenimages landscape photography                    Mike Green          
   Portfolio and photography blog                                          
stuarts yoga                                             Stuart Greenaway    
   yoga, massage, reiki                                                    
Sudbury CC                                               Anthony Grimes      
Shakespokes - Cycling in Stratford-upon-Avon             Rob Gullen          
   Leisure rides and good fun!                                             
The MacRide - for Macmillan Cancer Support               Rob Gullen          
   50 (or 25) mile Audax style ride                                                                  Paul Hackin         
                                                                                        Barbara Hackworthy  
   Audax rides, E2E taking West Coast route,GPX links                      
Penge Cycle Club                                         John Haile          
   South East London cycle club for kids, families and adults              
Masterskills21Century                                    Andrew Hamlyn       
   Sales Marketing Coaching, Seminars & Learning Materials.                
Calder Clarion Cycling Club Web Site                     Richard Hancock     
Dumfires and Galloway CTC Section                        Tom Hanley          
   Section Web Pages, news, runs, links                                    
Strava                                                   Cormac Hanly        
   My Strava Page                                                          
Audax Kernow                                             Peter Hansen        
My Site                                                  Robert Hanwell      
   My site with cycling routes                                             
Cheltenham CTC                                           Robert Hanwell      
   Cheltenham CTC                                                                                              Ulrich Harder       
Ben on Twitter                                           Benjamin Harris     
NorfolknGood web pages                                   Keith Harrison      
   News of rides in Norfolk                                                
northern-audax                                           Aidan Hedley        
   events in Northumberland                                                
Exeter Wheelers CC                                       Ian Hennessey       
   Exeter's cycling club                                                   
ukcyclist                                                Ian Hennessey       
   Details and online entry for my events and others.                      
Beadazzled by Elise                                      John Hennessey      
                                                                                                     Gary Hewitt-long    
   A journal, UK to Cape Town and other long rides...                      
Martin Hickman                                           Martin Hickman      
   Cytech level 2 bike mechanic                                            
San Fairy Ann CC                                         Graham Hines        
Audax Club Schleswig-Holstein v. 2000 e.V.               Jochen Hinrichs-stoeldt
   The only germany cycling club commited to organizing brevets            
Blog                                                     Liam Hobbs          
Damselfly Development                                    John Hobson         
   Web Design Derbyshire. Web, Mobile & eCommerce                          
Get Your Stripes - AUK                                   John Hobson         
   Graphical visualisation of your audaxing history.                       
Alan Hockham                                             Alan Hockham        
   Fen and Wold Event, Lincolnshire                                                                    Alan Hockham        
Delucci race team                                        Darren Hodgkinson   
My Profile on Strava                                     Mark Holcroft       
Balancing on two wheels                                  Graeme Holdsworth   
   A pilgrim's journal                                                                                Stuart Hollis       
   Professional photography services                                       
Bill Honeywell's Blog                                    Bill Honeywell      
   Cycle ride around the Coast of Britain 2011, Hebrides 2012              
Beacon Roads CC                                          Neil Hotchin        
                                                                                              Simon Hotchkiss     
Ade Hughes Road Cycling Blog                             Adrian Hughes       
South Western Road Club                                  Robert Imrie        
Kent Audax                                               Tom Jackson         
Macclesfield Wheelers                                    John Jackson        
Cycle friendly cafes                                     John Jackson        
Ste's Blog                                               Steve James         
Sheffrec CC                                              Mark Jarvis         
Gladestry Weekend Cycling.                               Ross Jeal           
   Mid Wales runs from Gladestry.                                                                       David Jenkin        
The Audax Website                                        Richard Jennings    
Test 1 Web Site                                          Richard Jennings    
   test1 info                                                              
Test 2 Web Site                                          Richard Jennings    
   test2 info                                                              
Geoff Jones Website                                      Geoff Jones         
   Blog of an Audaxer and long distance touring cyclist                    
Me biking in the early sixties                           Geoff Jones         
Alun's Cycling Pix                                       Alun Jones          
   Audax, CTC & Holiday Cycling Pix                                        
Cafe Hoppers                                             Alun Jones          
   The Older we are -the faster we were                                    
Wedding Photography in Chester                           Joe Jord            
                                                                                                     Joe Jord            
   Blog Wedding Photography Cheshire                                       
A family web site                                        Rob Jordan          
   Contains blogs of some of our rides                                     
Kenn Jordan                                              Kenn Jordan         
Cotswold Country cottage self catering accommodation     Karen Keeling       
   Cycle Holiday accommodation 5 star luxury in Hook Norton                
Absolute Watersports                                     Karen Keeling       
   Wakeboard and Waterski ship                                             
Country Cottage luxury self catering holidays in Cotswolds Karen Keeling       
   Dog friendly holiday accommodation with cycle storage                   
Total Cycling                                            Trevor Keer         
Knocking Out Miles                                       Jonathan Kelley     
   Ramblings about bikes, Audax and the Transcontinental Race              
Sally Kelly                                              Sally Kelly         
   Personal blog                                                           
Bolsover Wheelers' web site.                             Philip Kelman       
                                                                                                                 Peter Kelsey        
KCE Energy and Environment                               Steve Kinsella      
   Stephen Kinsella                                                        
York CTC                                                 Andrew Kirby        
   Main web-site for YorkCTC - runs list, events and other inf.            
Peter Gray Challenge Rides                               Andrew Kirby        
   Latest information and details of this event                            
Simon Kirwan's Strava Profile                            Simon Kirwan        
   Simon Kirwan's Strava Profile                                           
Commercial photography                                   Simon Kirwan        
   Commercial photography                                                  
Simon Kirwan Photographic Portfolios                     Simon Kirwan        
   Simon Kirwan Photographic Portfolios                                    
Gary & Dan Knight - World Sidecar ChampionshipTeam 37    Gary Knight         
   Our other pastime.                                                      
Gary & Dan Knight - Team 37, Sachsenring Worlds 2006     Gary Knight         
   We was robbed!                                                          
Gary & Dan Knight - Team 37, Croatia Worlds 2006         Gary Knight         
   No Podium again!                                                        
ImNorden                                                 Rico Kuehlewind     
   Photo diary of my adventures                                            
Strava                                                   Richard Lake        
   My profile on Strava                                                    
Instagram                                                Richard Lake        
   My profile on Instagram                                                 
GraceQOM                                                 Grace Lambert-smith 
   My adventure blog                                                       
Cycling Solutions, professional cycle training           Colin Langdon       
   A Community Interest Company                                            
British Human Power Club                                 Dave Larrington     
Legs Larry's Unorthodox Bicycle Region                   Dave Larrington     
CTC Ayrshire web site                                    David Lawrie        
Withersfield wheezers                                    Steven Laycock      
   A drinking club with a cycling disorder                                 
San Fairy Ann CC                                         Ron Lee             
   Maidstone   -racing, touring, social and of course  audax               
Self catering apartment in Chatel, Haute Savoie, France  Pamela Lewis        
   This is a 5 person apartment available for year round rental                           Peter Lewis         
Cardiff By Bike                                          Gavin Lewis         
   A resource for cyclists in Cardiff - things to do etc                   
Twitter                                                  James Lucas         
Tumblr                                                   James Lucas         
Instagram                                                James Lucas         
                                                                                                  John Lumley         
The Wattmeister                                          Philip Magnus       
The Wattmeister                                          Philip Magnus       
Peter Main's Website                                     Peter Main          
   Articles & Stuff, many cycling / mountaineering.                        
                                                         Peter Main          
Fuzzy Thinking                                           Graeme Mair         
   An oxymoron of a Blog about Track racing and Audax.                     
Idai Makaya - Personal Website                           Idai Makaya         
   I do long-distance endurance-cycling challenges on an Ellipt            
Facebook                                                 Idai Makaya         
   My Facebook Account                                                     
Twitter                                                  Idai Makaya         
   My Twitter Account                                                      
Lythgo                                                   Viv Marsh           
   Photo Library on Flickr                                                 
Chris J Martin's own website                             Chris Martin        
   This is where I put up stuff I have done and interests me               
Lewes Wanderers Cycling Club                             Chris Martin        
   Official website of LWCC                                                
 My Cycling Escapades                                    Peter Martin        
   Routes recorded by GPS. Includes Audax elevation profiles.              
Programme Page                                           Matt Marvell        
Wessex DA                                                Keith Matthews      
Winged Wheel Sites                                       Keith Matthews      
Personal Scratchpad Site                                 Keith Matthews      
Personal Blog                                            Andrew Matthews     
Strava profile                                           Andrew Matthews     
Dave McCraw's blog                                       Dave Mccraw         
   musings on audax, recumbents, etc.                                      
inverclyde velo                                          Robert Mccready     
Captain Contour's eVents Calendar                        Graeme Mcculloch    
   Audax, Time-trialling and other events in NW England                    
RSM Therapy                                              Rachel McKay        
   Sports Massage Therapy and Cycling Coaching                             
Verulam CC                                               Rachel McKay        
   Verulam Cycle Club, St Albans, Hertfordshire                            
PMB Photos                                               Rachel McKay        
   Cycling photographs                                                     
Strava                                                   Richard Mclelland   
Events for 2004                                          Bob Mcleod          
   Scroll down for info on Tour of the Hills event                                      Gary Mcmahon        
   Fell and Road Running Group made up of a variety of athletes            
Gravesend CTC                                            Patrick Mcmaster    
Gravesend Cycling Club                                   Patrick Mcmaster    
Gala CC                                                  Lucy Mctaggart      
Belleville Rendezvous                                    Lucy Mctaggart      
Cycling and Audax Pages                                  Pieter Meiring      
Losat Byway                                              Greg Melia          
   A Pacific bike ride                                                     
Shedborn Bikes                                           Shaun Miller        
   Steel frames, wheelbuilding,components,parts,lighting etc                                            Alison Mills        
AJM Fire Risk Assessment Services                        Alistair Milner     
   Fire Safety Consultancy                                                 
Saddleworth Clarion CC                                   Tim Mitchell        
   Saddleworth based cycling club                                          
The Programme Covers Project                             Malcolm Mitchell    
The China run and the China Tea Pot                      John Mitchelmore    
Leeds Mercury CC                                         Andy Mobbs          
ChasetheSun                                              Oliver Moore        
   Free - longest day - 200 miles sunrise to sunset                        
katherinebikes                                           Katherine  Moore    
   Aspiring Super Randonneur & women's cycling advocate, ACB                                                        Daniel Morgan       
   My collection of audax posts                                            
Foyle cycling club                                       Mark Moroney        
   the friendly cycling club in the North West of Ireland.                                         Jasmijn Muller      
   long distance cycling & TT blog, incl solo LEJOG record prep                                           Jasmijn Muller      
   upcoming Land's End to John o Groats & 1000ml record attempt            
Strava profile                                           Donald  Munro       
Cycling UK Lincolnshire                                  Tim Newbery         
My blog                                                  Paul Newson         
   Cycling diary                                                           
My website                                               Paul Newson         
   For work                                                                
Martin 'MSeries' Newstead                                Martin Newstead     
   Tales of my travels by bike                                                                            Jerry Nilson        
   Highest paved passes in the Alps & worthwhile climbs + tours            
bcyc                                                     Leonard O'Rourke    
Xboi                                                     Robin Oakley        
   Baby X's website                                                        
Knockout Net - General Family Homepage                   Robin Oakley        
Facebook                                                 Lawrence Older      
vélovoice                                               Rebecca Olds        
   cycling blog: rides, reviews, how-tos.                                                         Ian Oliver          
   Willesden 300K events and odd musings                                                           Tom Orr             
Composer - Albert Alan Owen                              Alan Owen           
   Personal Website.                                                       
Flickr                                                   Ian Packer          
Strava                                                   Ian Packer          
Strava profile                                           Jean-francois Paris 
Komoot profile                                           Jean-francois Paris 
South Western Road Club                                  Alan Parkinson      
   SWRC is a traditional cycling club based in SW London                   
SWRC Facebook page                                       Alan Parkinson      
   SWRC FB page                                                            
Alan Parkinson on Twitter                                Alan Parkinson      
   My Twitter feed                                                         
shire oak leisure riders                                 Warren Parry        
   easy going sunday cruisers                                              
Shire Oak Leisure riders                                 Julie Parry         
                                                                                                              Achim Patzner       
My "End to End" 2004                                     Patrick Pavey       
Wordpress Blog                                           Gavin Peacock       
flickr                                                   Chris Phillips      
Matthew Plummer                                          Matthew Plummer     
Kent Audax                                               Mike Plumstead      
   Audax site for riders in Kent, Sussex and Surrey                        
Matt's blog                                              Matthew Polaine     
Great Western Randonnées on Facebook                     Will Pomeroy        
   Audax Club Bristol organiser of the Great Western Randonnées            
Pedalution - RWGPS Ambassador                            Will Pomeroy        
   Authored routes in the Bristol area                                     
Pedalution                                               Will Pomeroy        
Velo Adventures (Cardiff)                                Nic Pow             
   MTB, CX & Gravel bike adventure riding                                  
bradford cycling club                                    Ralph Presland      
2008 End 2 End trip blog                                 Geoff Preston       
ACF                                                      Greg Price          
                                                                                                  Alan Prince         
   Bespoke leisure wear embroidered with your emblem, club etc             
Wheey Good Bicycles                                      Laura Pringle       
Strava                                                   Joe Prosser         
Twitter                                                  Joe Prosser         
   @JoeEProsser                                                                                  Frank Proud         
   My thoughts and experiences, mostly about cycling                       
Strava                                                   Neil Pugh           
Touring and Audax Section CTC                            Desmond Radford     
Cycle Bristol CTC                                        Paul Rainbow        
   Bristol's local CTC Group                                               
Cyclo Fabrica                                            Paul Rainbow        
   Bristol Based Wheel Builder, Repairs, Renovations                       
Audax Club Bristol                                       Paul Rainbow        
   Welcome to Audax Club Bristol! The club for 'Bristolian Rand            
Burnley and Pendle CTC                                   John Ramsden        
Rodley's random rides -cycling around Yorkshire (and beyond) Ian Rodley          
Bearded Bloke On A Bike Blog                             John Rooke          
   The cycling exploits of a beardy guy from Shropshire                                            Peter Ruffhead      
Messano Golden Retrievers                                Paul Seamons        
Cycling Guides - New Forest & Forest of Dean             Ben Searle          
   Waterproof OS 1:25k maps, includes lesser known routes                  
45 Degrees North                                         Chris Sellings      
   Cycling Holidays in the French Alps with support, coach etc             
Pedal Performance Coaching                               Chris Sellings      
   1:1 coaching, training plans, nutrition advice etc                      
wheel building with arup                                 Arup Sen            
   Bicycle wheel building services in London                               
Facebook                                                 David Sewell        
Islington Cycling Club                                   David Shannon       
   A friendly London club offering cycle sport for all.                    
BK Velo                                                  Martyn Shiner       
   Informal group riding from Brent Knoll in Somerset.                     
You save. They save. French & Saunders explain all:      Richard Shirley     
Looking for a second income? Watch this:                 Richard Shirley     
Milton Keynes CTC (Cycling UK)                           Emad Sidhom         
   Cycling UK (formerly CTC) - Milton Keynes division                      
Potatobike                                               Peter Simon         
i-Team Website                                           Jon Skidmore        
ViewRanger profile                                       James Skillen       
   Routes for the ViewRanger app (also GPX)                                
British Adventurer Jason Smith                           Jason Smith         
   Endurance, Cycling, Running, Climbing, Adventure                        
Jason Smith                                              Jason Smith         
   Adventure, Cycling, Running, Climbing, Endurance Author                 
Castle Cycles                                            Malcolm Smith       
   All ages and abilities - Bikeability to Road & TT, Long Dist            
Association of British Cycling Coaches                   Malcolm Smith       
Godric Cycling Club Facebook page                        Stephen Smith       
Godric Cycling Club web site                             Stephen Smith       
Godric Cycling Club Twitter page                         Stephen Smith       
SteamRide Events in the Thames Valley                    Tim Sollesse        
   SteamRide Event downloads : GPX & Route sheets                          
SteamRide Event - London-Oxford-London(LOL) The Ghan etc. Tim Sollesse                                                      
SteamRide Facebook                                       Tim Sollesse        
   Steamride Forum, Photos, Forth coming events                            
Centrally based Birmingham cycling club.                 Michael Stanford    
   Organisers of HSBC Let's Ride Events and regular club rides             
Villiers Velo                                            Trevor Stephens     
   Home of my Hand-Built Audax, Touring and Randonneur bikes               
Willesden C.C.                                           Paul Stewart        
   My home town                                                            
Personal Audax Website                                   Paul Stewart        
Driving Instruction in Southampton / Portsmouth areas    Caroline Street     
   New drivers, motorway tuition, Pass Plus, all welcome                   
Cycling weekend in France. Suitable for new cyclists.    Caroline Street     
   Annual event started by Neville Chanin in 1972                          
Edgware CTC                                              Jennifer Strickland 
Cycling holidays in the Peak District                    Paul Summers        
   B&B and Holiday Cottages in the heart of the Peak Park.                 
The Brevet Bird                                          Judith Swallow      
                                                                                                                  Jan Swanwick        
                                                                   Cycling resources                             John Swindells      
   Photos and write-ups of my cycling adventures                           
Wattgain                                                 John Swindells      
   Using a power meter to reduce fatigue on long rides                     
John Swindells on Strava                                 John Swindells      
Event Link                                               Justin Sykes        
                                                                                           Tim Taylor          
Southport Cycling Club                                   Allan Taylor        
My website                                               Sam Thomson         
   base of links to bike trips and pictures I've put online.               
CTC Heart of England                                     Michael Toner       
Fantasy Cycling Grand Tours                              Noel Toone          
   Free to enter fantasy game following the three Grand Tours.             
monaxle : blog                                           Alexander Turner    
Badoo                                                    Mikhail Tuzikov     
   Cyclin Club for Badoo employees                                         
Deeside Thistle C.C. Photo Collection                    Richard Venes       
Bikes and Bees                                           Els Vermeulen       
   Audax and FNRttC Ride Reports                                           
Villiers-Velo                                            Paul Villiers       
   Framebuilding, Audax & Touring specialists                              
My pictures                                              Saulius Vizbaras    
Cycling blog                                             Saulius Vizbaras    
                                                                                            Panagiotis Vlachopoulos
RV Altona Hamburg                                        Peter Vogelsang     
                                                                                                                 Mike Vybiral        
                                                                                                                  Mike Vybiral        
ARA Niederrhein                                          Mario Wadepfuhl     
   Audax Randonneurs Allemagne Niederrhein                                 
JAB                                                      Mario Wadepfuhl     
   Yearly meeting of BEL,NL and Ger. riders in NL.                                               Rob Walker          
Diagonaliste blog                                        Andrew Walsh        
                                                                                           Chun Hsuan Wang     
Cycling New Forest                                       John Ward           
Velovision magazine                                      Simon Ward          
   Quarterly cycle culture magazine - with a difference.                   
Eastern Peak & Plain Permanents                          Simon Ward          
   Details of the EP&P and other York-based Permanent rides.               
grown in Wales Herbs and ornamentals                     Charles Warner      
   what i do when i'm not cycling                                          
Audax Medals                                             Ian Warr            
Mark's Touring Blog                                      Mark Waters         
   Brief accounts of Mark's cycle tours                                    
Strava Athlete                                           Adam Watkins        
Cycle Seven                                              Mary-jane Watson    
   Blog belonging to 7 like minded cyclists.                               
Twitter                                                  Robert Webb         
   AKA SirWobbly                                                           
Springhead Veterans Cycling Club                         Peter Webb          
Online information for Billy's events                    William Weir        
   Permanents and calendar events.  Including routesheets.                 
Jim Langley                                              Nick Wells          
   Genius cycling site - wheelie serious. Even Calvin & Hobbes!            
Beryl Burton                                             Nick Wells          
   7 World Champion Titles                                                 
W.O.M.B.A.T.S                                            Nick Wells          
   Tea and MTB's from Jacquie Phelan                                       
Map of audax uk permanents                               Phil Whitehurst     
Herts Audax                                              Phil Whitehurst     
   Details of audaxes I organise                                           
Beacon Roads Cycling Club                                Philip Whiteman     
   Dedicated pages for Beacon RCC's audaxes                                
Peak Audax                                               Mike Wigley         
   Details of events around Manchester and the Peak District               
Alaska's Big Wild Ride                                   Chris Wilby         
   My 2002 ride on the 1200Km ride in Northern Calif.                      
Rocky Mountain 1200Km randonneur 2002                    Chris Wilby         
   My 2002 ride on the 1200Km                                              
Sicily NO Stop 3 1000K 2004                              Chris Wilby         
   2004 ride round Sicily                                                  
Fiasa Ltd                                                Tony Wilkins        
Cambridge Audax                                          Nick Wilkinson      
   Rides from, to and thru Cambridge                                       
16-inch wheels                                           Nick Wilkinson      
   Long-distance rides on a Brompton (and other bikes)                     
JimWilkinson                                             Jim Wilkinson       
   Jim Wilkinsons' home page with pages dedicated to cycling               
Ride for the 96                                          Benjamin Williams   
   Annual charity ride in memory of the Hillsborough 96                    
Inspiring Images                                         Andrew Williams     
   Freelance photographer, photography workshops                           
North Cheshire Clarion                                   Andrew Williams     
   North Cheshire Clarion is a Warrington based cycling club               
Port Talbot Wheelers Cycling Club                        Alf Williams        
   The biggest cycling club in Wales. Please visit our website!            
Hells500 Everesting Hall of Fame                         Toby Willis         
   2 times Everester. Horseshoe Pass. The Rock.                                                          Malcolm Wills       
   Information & routes on some long bike rides, mostly UK                 
Cycling blog                                             Steve Windass       
   A blog about my cycling exploits                                        
San Fairy Ann Cycling Club                               David Winslade      
Cycle-Ops - Tonbridge based cycle shop                   David Winslade      
East Kent CTC                                            Jason Wood          
Lance Woodman - blog                                     Lance Woodman       
   My cycling blog                                                         
Willesden CC                                             Lance Woodman       
   Club Web site                                                           
The BIke Show from Resonance FM                          Kieron Yates        
   The worlds most popular radio show about cycling!!                      
iCycle                                                   Douglas Young       
   Bedfordshire's cycle club for the iGeneration.