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PBP '91 : Simon Chalkley and Dave Pountney, looking worried

photo thanks to: Francis Cooke


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Event                     Photo from        Caption                                           
The Border Raid 600 '16   Jack Crane        Gavin Reichert on the way to Galashiels           
Exmoor Spring Audax 2015  Huw Thomas        Eagleridge above Dulverton - with gorse in bloom  
Gospel Pass               Steve Windass     Snow at the top of Gospel Pass                    
Season of Mists           William Vaudrey   Waddington Control                                
congleton 200             Ian Donohoe       chair ascent begins                               
Llanfair                  Mike Wigley       Mudguard Sticker                                  
Fairburn 203              Nigel Armstrong   Steve Myatt & Rodger Holmes of Birdwell Wheelers on hill to Smelthouses with John ^ Phillipa Hand on tandem on skyline
Cestyll Cymru             Chris Wilby       Conwy Castle                                      
Severn Across             Gianluigi ZocchedduMile-Lane-Gianluigi-Zoccheddu                     
The Delightful Dales 200  Ian Kellar        Park Rash - Ian Kellar                            
Chilterns '12             Phil Benstead     Chiltern Audax - Clive Tame                       
Worthing Winter Warmer    Oli Wright        A snowy scene showing Oli Wright and Pete Biggs's bikes shortly after the detour to avoid Blackdown.
Upper Thames 200 5/Nov/11 Unknown           Cresting a hill                                   
Bowland 200               Peter Bond        Robert Bialek sorting a blowout at the roadside   
Dartmoor Devil 2010       Graham Brodie     Bill Barnes climbs Hind Street at start           
Staffs Peak 100G '10      Francis Cooke     01 The Romper                                     
West Peak 100G '10        Francis Cooke     01. Norbury Hollow Crossing                       
White Peak 100G '10       Francis Cooke     01 Chapel Milton                                  
Mid Peak 100G '10         Francis Cooke     01 Marple Bridge                                  
Mid Peak Grimpeur 100 '10 Chris Keeling-RobertsJohn Lyth on Whaley Moor                          
Dark Peak 100G '10        Francis Cooke     02. A bit of a shower                             
Vatternrundan 2010        Dave Sharpe       At the finish of the 300k event - tired but ... knackered
Eccleshall 200 '10        Francis Cooke     1. Near the start                                 
Monyash 100               Chris Luff        Chris Keeling-Roberts still smiling at the top of  the Combs climb
Monyash 100               Mike Wigley       Dave Watson tackles Combs                         
Chirk 200 '10             Francis Cooke     01. Leaving Middlewich                            
Hopey New Year            Oliver Wright     Andrew Lees enjoying the sunshine at Longcliffe   
Winter Solstice           Shaun Gregory     Julian Dyson taking it very easy                  
Horseshoe 200/160 '09     Francis Cooke     1. On the road                                    
Madrid Gijon Madrid 1200k Peter Turnbull    intense heat                                      
Staffs Peak               Andrew Critcher   David Darricott climbs Gun Hill                   
West Peak 100G '09        Francis Cooke     1. On the road                                    
Widdop Perm 113 09        Don Black         Simon Roberts on a summers day above Cragg Vale   
LEL '09                   various           **Link to various LEL 09 albums**                 
LEL '09                   Roly Cockwell     Early starters leaving Cheshunt                   
Devon Delight 2009        Graham Brodie     Ron Clint leads a group at Cockwood               
Chirk 200 '09             Francis Cooke     1. A cold start                                   
Dunkery Dash 102 '09      Paul Rainbow      Ready to go                                       
Winter Solstice '08       Francis Cooke     1. Away before dawn                               
Dartmoor Devil '08        Graham Brodie     Alan Vance on fixie at Halshanger                 
Grunters 150Km '08        Graham Brodie     Roy Wood goas animal on the Grunters              
South Hams Audax 100  '08 Graham Brodie     Robin Wheeler & Roy Russell near Wrangaton        
Staffs Peak '08           Andrew Critcher   Rob Shaw  & Hugh Joseph & Janet Shaw              
Denshaw  Widdop 105 '08   Don Black         Jonathan Whiteley aged 9                          
Devon Delight '08         Graham Brodie     Andy Endicott near Biddlecombe Cross              
Tan Hill 200              Andy Corless      Steven Bryce climbing Newby head                  
MOFFAT TOFFEE             Shaun (snr) GregoryNICE DAY OUT                                      
chirk                     Shaun (snr) Gregorya little breezy                                   
Easter Arrow '08          Mike Thompson     Mike Thompson, Chris Asher, Aidan Hedley & Andy Thompson
easter arrow '08'         Shaun (jnr) Gregoryvc 167                                            
Up the Uts 200            Derrick Wilcox    The 200 starts.                                   
diy 200 '08               Shaun (snr) Gregoryshaun jnr, perfect dinner                         
Essex Lanes               Derrick Wilcox    Charlotte Barnes and Peter Walker at the start.   
newport 200               Shaun (snr) Gregoryjust warming up                                   
Brazier's Run 50/100      Derrick Wilcox    At the start outside Victoria CC club house.      
north-west passage 210    Shaun (snr) Gregorypast blacko                                       
 A Mere Two Hundred       Shaun (snr) Gregoryshaun jnr                                         
mere 206                  Shaun (jnr) Gregory-                                                 
Hills and Mills '08       Paul Harris       Tea Mobile, El Supremo at Mayfield                
boxing day 100            Shaun (snr) Gregoryneil southworth                                   
bredbury                  Shaun (snr) Gregoryclear sky but cold                                
Tamworth Tinsel Lane      Shaun (snr) Gregorydamp start                                        
Tinsel Lane               Shaun (snr) Gregorylast checks                                       
eureka 200                Shaun(jnr)Gregory banger                                            
eureka 200                Shaun (jnr) Gregorystill full of energy                              
Eureka 200                Francis Cooke     A foggy start 1                                   
Dartmoor Devil 2007       Graham Brodie     Riders climbing Hind Street, Bovey Tracey         
Northern Dales 110km      Shaun (snr) Gregoryshaun(jnr) with other rider at devils bridge      
Northern Dales 202km      Shaun (snr) Gregoryandy southworth riding up tan hill                
Staffs Peak 100G '07      Francis Cooke     1. Marple Ridge                                   
PBP 07                    Dave Gostelow     What we lived on                                  
PBP 2007                  Dave Gostelow     Drew Bucks 1913 Hirondelle Retrodirect            
PBP 07                    Heather Swift     Ian Hennessey at Dreux                            
PBP '07                   Francis Cooke     0. Japanese esprit de corps.                      
PBP '07                   Alan Vance        Cardiff Byways sign on                            
PBP '07                   Mary Turner       Check-in at Guyancourt                            
PBP '07                   Martin Malins     Hailsham 600 survivors near Villaines             
PBP '07                   Jamie Andrews     Loudeac at 3am                                    
PBP '07                   Chris Tracey      Martin Malins near Dreux                          
PBP '07                   Jim Crew          Portsmouth-Caen Ferry group at tea break          
PBP '07                   Phil Turner       Tim Wainwright                                    
pbp 07                    Andrew Dade       Team Byways get to Brest                          
Tamwoth - Wem 200 Aug '07 Jim Crew          Harry C at Wem control                            
Midweek PBP Warm-up       Shaun (snr) Gregory(galashiels)shaun (jnr) between newcastleton to langholm
Dark Peak 100G '07        Francis Cooke     1. Chisworth                                      
Humber Bridge 400Km '07   Mike Thompson     Riders arrive at the Howden Station Control       
Muswell Hills 200 '07     Ibrahim Sargin    Riders at the control at Brill                    
The Good Companions 200Km Mike Thompson     Climbing Blackstone Edge - Condor Road Club       
Daylight 600 '07          Petr Igarashi JosifekMe on Rannoch Moor, taken by a passing Czech      
Daylight 600 '07          Alan Vance        Rannoch Moor                                      
Daylight 600 '07.         Damon Peacock     Recumbent on Rannoch Moor                         
The 3 Coasts 600Km        Mike Thompson     Riders in Mytholmroyd                             
Cambrian 600 '07          Francis Cooke     1. On the road                                    
Kernow & Southwest 600 07 Alan Vance        George Hanna defends his breakfast at Bude.       
Hailsham 600 '07          Martin Malins     Paul Outhwaite and Richard Thomas at High and Over
Bryan Chapman 600 '07     Damon Peacock     ACF Rider at Barmouth                             
Bryan Chapman 600 '07     Alan Vance        Waiting for the 'off'; Colin and Camilla, almost relaxing.
Tour of the Berwyns       Dave Barker       Robin Smith at the final control                  
Moors and Wolds 400       Peter South       Ian Horne et al                                   
Brevet Cymru 400k         Jamie Andrews     Andy Hamlyn at the checkpoint near Builth         
Irish National 400 '07    Alan Vance        Start:  Audax Ireland (a.k.a. 'Paul') tries to locate a late arrival.
Elenith 300k '07          Alan Vance        Beulah: Cardiff Byways head for the hills         
Elenith 300k '07          Jamie Andrews     The road to Abergwesyn                            
Hailsham 300 '07          Martin Malins     Mark Heffer and Rob Bullyment in Brightling       
Spring into Dales 110 '07 Steve Kinsella    Waiting for Off -Hebden Bridge                    
Spring into the Dales     Chris Wilby       -                                                 
Chirk 200 '07             Francis Cooke     On the road 01                                    
Dunkery Dash 100Km '07    Graham Brodie     Ken Middlemiss (left) - North Petherton church in background
Newport 200 '07           Francis Cooke     1. Dean Row                                       
Gospel Pass 150 '07       Steve Kinsella    Who the devil is that?......Hay on Wye cafe/control
Musselburgh 106km '07     Steve Murray      Nobody told me we had to wear something blue      
Cotswold Corker '07       Steve Kinsella    Climbing Cleeve Hill                              
Exmoor and Devon 200 '07  Ian Hennessey     Liam and Marcus on Exmoor                         
Mere 200 '07              Francis Cooke     A mere 200                                        
Sussex Winter Corker '07  Paul Harris       Riders climb Harting Hill                         
Dr. Fosters Winter Warmer Alan Vance        Andrew and Dave enjoying the scenery              
Dr. Fosters Winter Warmer 200Alan Vance        -                                                 
Well Fed 200              Colin Bezant      Angea Nainby at the top of Bexleyhill             
AGM '06-07                John Curtin       01. Auk/PBP top, modelled by Roger Philo          
AGM '06-07                Sheila Simpson    02. Interesting detail on AUK/PBP top             
Scarborough06agm          Chris Wilby       -                                                 
York Boxing Day 100 '06   Nigel Hall        1. A rare hill                                    
York Boxing Day 100 '06   Francis Cooke     2. Helmsley control - Sheila points out the public conveniences [which are closed]
York Boxing Day 100 '06   Sheila Simpson    3. A rare main road                               
Dartmoor Devil '06        Graham Brodie     Riders climb the first hill - Hind Street         
Horseshoe 100             Alun Jones        Leaving Corwen                                    
Mid Sussex Hilly '06      Martin Malins     Paul Harris on top of Ashdown Forest              
Mid Sussex Hilly '06      Mike Anton        Richard Phipps near Fairwarp                      
The Crown '06             Martin Malins     David Kenning climbs out of Dover                 
GRUNTERS 150 '06          Graham Brodie     Grunters 150 - leaving South Brent 1              
kidder killer 06          kevin Chance      start                                             
On & Offshore 200 '06     David Kenning     Riders climbing out of Freshwater (Isle of Wight) 
South Hams Audax 100 '06  Graham Brodie     01 Enjoying September sunshine - South Brent      
Northern Dales 200 '06    Damon Peacock     Martin Newstead, Leo Wells, Ribblehead Viaduct    
Staffs Peak 100G '06      Francis Cooke     1. Above Disley                                   
Staffs Peak 100G '06      Sheila Simpson    1b. Above Disley                                  
West Peak 100G '06        Francis Cooke     1. Leaving town                                   
White Peak 100G '06       Francis Cooke     1. Mellor Moor                                    
White Peak 100G '06       Andrew Critcher   Riders leaving, arriving and eating at Old Smithy cafe in Monyash
Denshaw Bowland 202 '06   Don Black         Bolton Clarion at the finish.                     
600km perm in Wales       Jamie Andrews     Iwein Dekkard and Phil Chadwick on the way to Builth
South then North 600 '06  Simon Bennett     Martin Malins and Dave Larrington near Harringworth
South then North 600 '06  Martin Malins     Simon Bennett at Harringworth Viaduct             
Tayside Trans' 300 '06    Findlay Watt      Off on the last leg (Ian Harkness, Les Kerr, George Harper, Tom Hanley, Alex Pattison (obscured))
Wrekin to Sea 300 '06     Alun Jones        John Hamilton and friend west of Kerry [link]     
Wrekin to Sea 300 '06     Ken Knight        Ray Bolton                                        
The Three Coasts 600 '06  Martin Newstead   Julian Dyson takes a break at Sinderby            
Kernow and SW 600 '06     Ian Hennessey     Stephen Dart leaves the ferry                     
Shropshire 160 & 200 '06  Alun Jones        Climbing into Ludlow [link]                       
Butty's Brid Trip 300 '06 Damon Peacock     Bob Johnson, Martin Newstead and Leo Wells at the off
Exmoor and Devon 200      Ian Hennessey     James Rimmer                                      
Spring in the Peak        Oliver Wright     Riders climb out of Hathersage [link]             
A  Cornish 100 ;06        Colin Wellington  Cornish 100                                       
Moffat Tofee 201          Dave Sharpe       Good view and an even better cafe                 
Long Mynd 60 '06          Alun Jones        Long Mynd '1200m' [link]                          
Over the Malverns 150 '06 Alun Jones        Over the Malverns [link]                          
Cheadle - Newport 200 '06 Francis Cooke     Chasing the train                                 
Gospel Pass 06            Jennifer Goslin   Snowscape 1                                       
Cotswold Corker 100 '06   Alun Jones        Cotswold Corker [link]                            
Dartmoor Devil 2005       Graham Brodie     Annemarie Manley and Nigel Winter enjoy Kestor pasties at finish
Devon and Somerset 05     Ian Hennessey     A wet climb out of Dunkeswell                     
Aqueduct 100 '05          Alun Jones        Aqueduct 100 [link]                               
Mid Sussex Hilly '05      Martin Malins     unidentified rider climbs Cob Lane                
Mid-Peak Grimpeur '05     Francis Cooke     6. Heading up Snake Pass                          
LEL '05                   Justin Oakley / Tim WainwrightA word from our sponsors                          
LEL '05                   Brian Callow      Champions all - Robert Fry, Bernard Mawson, Steve Abraham
LEL '05                   Dave Robinson     Climbing through Coxwold - ?? and Gordon White    
LEL '05                   Heather Swift     Controllers at Langdon Beck                       
LEL '05                   Ivo Miesen        Crashed out                                       
LEL '05                   Silvia Negri      Gianni Gabrieli and disassociated sheep           
LEL '05                   Francis Cooke     Graveyard humour - Alan Macaulay and John Connaghan
LEL '05                   John Davies       Lea Valley pasta party                            
LEL '05                   Steve Airey       Mark Heffer and Bob McDowall [link]               
LEL '05                   Christian Theron  Rocco Richardson (Lee Valley)                     
LEL '05                   Damon Peacock     Steve Carroll (bike 2)                            
LEL '05                   Richard Leon      Thurlby - Food Crew                               
LEL '05                   Trevor Godfrey    Thurlby Control                                   
Alpe d'Huez Circuit '05   Francis Cooke     Climbing Alpe d'Huez                              
TORPLEX 200 '05           Graham Brodie     Jason Kingsbury & Ian Weatherill                  
Ron Kitching Challenge '05Alun Jones        Ron Kitching Challenge [link]                     
3 Coasts 600 '05          Damon Peacock     Blackpool London Pride                            
Anglesey 100 '05          Alun Jones        Anglesey Lanes [link]                             
Kernow and SW 600         Peter Hansen      Dave Kahn and Pat Hurt relax at Bude              
Plains 400  '05           Francis Cooke     Car park start - Mike Hunting and Linda Johnston on recumbent
Crich Tramway 160/100  '05John Schmidt      Crowdecote                                        
Ower the Edge             Paul Buxton       IanJackson                                        
Ower the Edge 400 '05     Damon Peacock     Dick & Lucy McTaggart, Ken Naismith, Ian Harkness at Samye Lin
Three Rivers 165 '05      Alun Jones        Three Rivers [link]                               
Butty's Brid Trip 300 '05 Damon Peacock     Dave Robinson, John Radford, Roger Leam and Peter Ralph at level crossing in Beverly
Porkers 05                Ian Hennessey     Brian Callow                                      
Roses to Wrags 200 '05    John Schmidt      Bunchlet in a hurry                               
Central 100 '05           Alun Jones        Lowri Evans & Glynn Jones [link]                  
Elenith '05               Martin Malins     Riders climb the Devil's Staircase                
Ironbridge 200 '05        Francis Cooke     1. Twemlow                                        
Long Mynd 1200m '05       Alun Jones        Dave Statham on the 'Shoe [link]                  
Cambrian 200/150G '05     Francis Cooke     1 - on the road                                   
Cambrian 200/150G '05     Sheila Simpson    Finish                                            
Chirk 200 '05             Francis Cooke     1 - Middlewich                                    
Three Fields 100 '05      John Schmidt      Blidworth Hill                                    
Gospel Pass 05            Jennifer Goslin   Judith Priest and Bruce Pilsworth above the snowline
North-west Passage '05    Damon Peacock     Cold day at the Priory Cafe 1                     
York Christmas 50 '04     Francis Cooke     Nine riders head through York on Christmas morning
AGM '04                   Sheila Simpson    A wake is held for Pete Gifford's lost hair       
AGM '04                   Chris Beynon      Gavel action - Ian Hennessey, Keith Benton, Peter Coulson, Ritchie Tout
AGM '04                   Tim Wainwright    Trouble at the Severn Bridge (the one in the middle's a policeman)
Dartmoor Devil '04        Graham Brodie     At the start - Kevin briefs marshals              
Transmanche '04           Chris Beynon      Peter Marshall                                    
Gourmet 1000 '04          Chris Beynon      Roger Leam                                        
Etape du Tour '04         Graham Brodie     Chris Rutter - Prat de Bouc - Etape               
Devon Delight '04         Graham Brodie     Tony Watson (MDCC) leads the charge!              
Torplex 200 '04           Graham Brodie     Annemarie Manley & Nigel Winter set off on Tandem 
Touring the Mendips       Micky Winter      Lady driver.  Annemarie Manley and Nigel Winter   
Porkers 400 '04           Chris Beynon      George Hanna                                      
York Arrow '04            John Spooner      Cheery Folk featuring John Brien, Lexi Webber     
York Arrow '04            Lexi Webber       The team meets Pat Kenny, Dave Robinson, John Radford.  A Livingstone and Stanley moment.
High Easter 200 '04       Paul Brown        Organiser Richard Parrotte sees them off          
April Flowers 100Km '04   Graham Brodie     Riders starting out                               
Chirk 200 '04             Damon Peacock     David Atkinson                                    
Chirk 200 '04             Francis Cooke     On the Winsford by-pass, by the river             
Cheltenham Flyer 200 '04  Graham Brodie     Flying Start                                      
Denmead 200 '04           Jon Jennings      Pam Pilbeam conducting affairs at the start       
Gospel Pass Brevet '04    Alan Jenner       Snow on the Gospel Pass 1                         
Cotswold Corker '04       Graham Brodie     Battle of Bushcombe Hill 1                        
Dartmoor Devil '03        Kevin Presland    Devil start at Bovey Tracey                       
Tasty Cheddar 100K '03    Graham Brodie     Starting out from Bristol                         
PBP '03                   Dan Farrell       Chloe Williams and Dan Farrell at the finish (Arrivee cover shot)
PBP '03                   Sheila Simpson    Drew Buck triplet - Drew, Nigel Winter, Steve Abraham
PBP '03                   Ivo Miesen        Lucy Rutter                                       
PBP '03                   Official PBP (Maindru)Nick Moore at Km 333 (photo supplied by Nick)     
PBP '03                   Dennis Naylor     On the road                                       
PBP '03                   Martyn Bolt       On the road near Fougeres                         
PBP '03                   P.B.Bear's dad    P.B. Bear relaxing                                
PBP '03                   Phil Domville-MustersPBP Prologue - Marc Millon, Pete Cain, Barry Parsons
PBP '03                   Pete Cain         PBP03 start, Barry Parsons, Phil Domville-Musters, Marc Millon
PBP '03                   Damon Peacock     Roc Trevezel 1                                    
PBP '03                   Nick Moore        Warming up                                        
Giant Step 150 '03        Graham Brodie     Starting out on the Giant Step 150 from Warmwell  
CTC 125th Birthday rides  Graham Brodie     Ian Hennessey with Phil & Pat Liggett             
Severn Across 400 '03     Cliff Shakespeare A lonesome Simon Doughty : ASA-1-04               
Severn Across 400 '03     Louise ShakespeareRichard Evans : ASA-3-08                          
Dales Grimpeur 200 '03    Martyn Bolt       Park Rash                                         
Devon Delight '03         Graham Brodie     Fettling the flying machine!                      
Torplex 200 '03           Graham Brodie     Starting out                                      
Around the Wrekin '03     Cliff Shakespeare Audax Group  ARW1-6-03/09                         
Three Coasts 600 '03      Dave Dodwell      Andy Corless leading uphill                       
Three Rivers 166  '03     Cliff Shakespeare Dave Goodwin and Bob Gemmell  CS1-5-03/01         
Denmead 300 '03           Graham Brodie     On the road 1                                     
Elenith 2003              Louise ShakespeareMountain Roads CS4-4-03/1                         
Elenith 2003              Cliff Shakespeare Simon Tibbets CS2-4-03/1                          
Gourmet 300 '03           Yoshiji Sekido    Richard Nainby and Martin malins relax at the Uckfield control
Dorset Coast '03          Graham Brodie     Setting out                                       
Dorset Coastlet '03       Graham Brodie     Devon riders on the Coastlet                      
Devon and Exmoor 300      Ian Hennessey     Marc Millon, Peter Cain, Phillip Domville-Musters - The retro jerseys
Lanes and Valleys 200     Ian Hennessey     Andy Thompson leading a group                     
Cotswold Corker '03       Graham Brodie     Perfect Day on the Cotswold Corker                
Brecon Beacons 100 2003   Cliff Shakespeare A wet day in the Beacons CS3-10.02-23             
Marple 200 '03            Sheila Simpson    Setting off on the first PBP qualifier of the year
AGM '02                   Francis Cooke     Dr Box models the PBP top                         
Tasty Cheddar '02         Graham Brodie     Mike Taylor climbs Cheddar Gorge                  
Dorset Delight '02        Graham Brodie     Riders leaving Poole docks                        
Giant Step 150 CTC 125th  Graham Brodie     Starting out on the Giant Step 150 from Warmwell  
South Coast 1000 2002     Cliff Shakespeare Dave Sanders on a very hot day in Wales CS1.8.02-34
24-hour Mersey '02        Francis Cooke     Marina Bloom                                      
Torplex 200 '02           Graham Brodie     Sandra Shaw                                       
York Rally 02             Ian Hennessey     Presenting the cheque                             
Brevet Cymru '02          Graham Brodie     Kevin Hickman                                     
Chirk 200 '02             Sheila Simpson    Graveyard action                                  
Mad March 200 '02         Graham Brodie     Mad March 200                                     
Dartmoor Devil '01        Graham Brodie     Setting off                                       
Truro 150 '01             Graham Brodie     Annemarie Manley, riding                          
Truro 150 '01             Annemarie Manley  Graham Brodie passing St.Michaels Mount           
LEL '01                   Aurisicchio DomenicoAurisicchio Domenico - Cicli di Niro - Italia - at Edinburgh
LEL '01                   Julian Beach      Carlisle control bike park                        
LEL '01                   Vicki Brown       Dom McDermott at Castle Howard                    
LEL '01                   Damon Peacock     Gethin Butler at Langdon Beck                     
LEL '01                   Cliff Shakespeare Group with VC 167 riders, Dave Yates attacking    
LEL '01                   Helmut MittendreinHans, Klaus, Heli and Andy                        
LEL '01                   Richard Leon      Harlow-Longstowe - riding peacefully - talks in the pack
LEL '01                   Elizabeth Crotty  Heather Swift (Langdon Beck Controller), Rudy Hewitt (USA), Andrei Hannolainen (Russia)
LEL '01                   Steve King        Ian Richardson                                    
LEL '01                   Sheila Simpson    Jax Snyman and William Dixon, Cresta Whs, South Africa, north of Longstowe
LEL '01                   Dom McDermott     Level crossing inaction                           
LEL '01                   John Radford      Pete Gifford on Yad Moss                          
LEL '01                   Piero Lucarelli   Piero Lucarelli and the group (Harlow)            
LEL '01                   Tim Wainwright    Robert Lepertel performs the ceremonies at Harlow 
LEL '01                   Andrew Southworth Robert Meredith on Yad Moss                       
LEL '01                   Francis Cooke     Safely over a tricky crossing, just outside Thorne
LEL '01                   Dave Dodwell      Snoring                                           
LEL '01                   Rudy Hewitt       Thorne Controllers                                
LEL '01                   Richard Cutler    Thurlby: peaceful control scene                   
LEL '01                   Ivo Miesen        Tony Hazel, just south of Barnard Castle          
Stones 100 '01            Nigel Hall        Trick cycling                                     
York Rally 01             Ian Hennessey     Bry Ferguson trying the new trike                 
Devon Delight '01         Graham Brodie     Setting off 1                                     
Tavistock 100 '01         Graham Brodie     Neville Chanin sets off on the Rails'n'Rollers 100Km from Tavistock
Hartside '01              Nigel Hall        Climbing 1                                        
Touring in Britanny       Ian Hennessey     Jen Goslin asleep behind Nik Peregrine            
Touring in Spain          Ian Hennessey     Jon Jennings near Barcelona                       
Tour of Devon 500 '00     Ian Hennessey     George Hanna & Chris Rutter battle a headwind     
Brevet Cymru '00          Graham Brodie     Jack Eason climbing                               
Oban 100 '00              Duncan Peet       Distant Bunch and Distant Mountains (Arrivee cover shot)
Blackdowns and Levels 2000Ian Hennessey     Jim Roberson                                      
Oban 300 '00              Duncan Peet       Climbing to Rannoch Moor                          
Brimstone600 '99          Graham Brodie     Annemarie Manley, Bill Carnaby, Brimstone 600     
PBP '99                   Duncan Peet       Coming and Going                                  
PBP '99                   Ivo Miesen        Drew Buck on his (original) Pedersen              
PBP '99                   Sheila Simpson    Gifford/Simpson and the Long Bed                  
PBP '99                   Official PBP      Ian Hennessey                                     
PBP '99                   Andy Lander Stow  PBP Action                                        
PBP '99                   Ian Hennessey     Peter Marshall Inaction                           
PBP '99                   Official Photo    Richard Harding                                   
                          Dave Lewis        Ian Hennessey                                     
National 400              Duncan Peet       Keith Benton, Ann Benton                          
Brimstone600 '99          Ian Hennessey     Andy Lander-Stowe climbing                        
Devon Delight '99         Graham Brodie     Sarah Stobbart & Duncan Archard leaving Newton Abbot
Torplex 200 '99           Andy LanderStow   Peter Head, Ian Kendall, and Richard Harding      
Porkers 400 '99           Graham Brodie     Ian Hennessey finishes Porkers at Poole - still asleep!
Mad Jack's 100            Ian Hennessey     John Hunt and Neil Williams                       
                          Noel Simpson      Long bed in trouble I                             
Dartmoor Devil            Graham Brodie     Annemarie Manley in the floods                    
National 400Km '98        Graham Brodie     Sheltering at the car park in Abergavenny (1st control)
Across the Divide         Ian Hennessey     John Barkman and Chris Avery                      
Three Moors 300 '98       Graham Brodie     Simon Jones near Dulverton                        
Porkers 400Km 1998        Graham Brodie     P.B.Bear gets his own little piggy.               
Seaboard PROFS Feb '98    Graham Brodie     Shelter in Roscoff - start of Seaboard 200        
Gorge de Verdun 200 profs Ian Hennessey     Dave Lewis in a hole                              
Best of British 97        Ian Hennessey     Dave Stevens followed by John Husband             
24-hour Mersey '97        Francis Cooke     Andy Wilkinson - 525 miles in 24 hours            
LEL '97                   Graham Brodie     Mark Williams near Gainsborough                   
Dartmoor Devil 95         Ian Hennessey     Dave Lewis on Widdecombe Hill                     
PBP '95                   Graham Brodie     Near Fougeres returning, Alan Pedliham (middle of frame)
PBP '95                   Sheila Simpson    Graham Brodie at Finish                           
PBP '95                   Ian Hennessey     Chris Hoyle at the start                          
PBP '95                   Official Photo    Ian Hennessey                                     
Daylight 600 95           Ian Hennessey     Mick Potts and co                                 
Hard Boiled 300           Graham Brodie     Starting from Poole Station 2am                   
Kidderminster Killer '94  Francis Cooke     Arriving at Clows Top                             
24-hour Mersey '94        Francis Cooke     Bridget Boon in full flow                         
24-hour Mersey '94        Sheila Simpson    Jim Hopper                                        
Dolomite Marathon '94     Francis Cooke     Climbing Sella Pass                               
Brittany PRoFS            Francis Cooke     A cool but happy bunch of Auks on holiday in France
Frodsham 200              Francis Cooke     Full Head of Steam                                
National 400Km '93        Graham Brodie     Cobbley start at Exeter Quay                      
La Marmotte '93           Francis Cooke     Arriving at the summit of Galibier, 2647 metres that's 8684 feet
Le Mercantour '93         Francis Cooke     Rock tunnels near the start at Guillaumes         
WCW '93                   Francis Cooke     Pete 'n Pat on tandem trike, this time its Pat Kenny driving
24-hour Mersey '92        Francis Cooke     Ron Sant                                          
24-hour N.Roads '92       Francis Cooke     Sheila Simpson, with Rocco and Nev Chanin aiding and abetting
PBP '91                   Sheila Simpson    Bloodied but Unbowed                              
PBP '91                   Bry Ferguson      Dave Pountney, 4th PBP                            
PBP '91                   Francis Cooke     Liz Creese & Robert Fry                           
PBP '91                   Graham Brodie     PBP 91 - 84 hours riders start                    
La Marmotte '88           Francis Cooke     Climbing Croix de Fer                             
High Peak Trial                             Frozen controller on the moors                    
Xmas Pud '88              Francis Cooke     Fliss Beard, on the front approaching a control, all the rest deferring
PBP '87                   Francis Cooke     Full Steam on the N164 (Arrivee cover shot)       
Fleche Velocio '87                          A drop in each ocean ( Simon Jones, Peter Crump ) 
Surrey Super Grimpeur     Francis Cooke     Peter Crump, Judy Chegwyn, Alan Wey, Ray Craig, celebrate the finish.
Ormskirk 200 '84          Francis Cooke     Jim Hopper stalls, Nev Holgate trails, on Pendle Hill
PBP '83                   Francis Cooke     Coming and Going                                  
PBP '83                   Anon              Nik Peregrine                                     
National 400 '83          Francis Cooke     Picnic at Salisbury                               
Fleche Velocio '83        Neville Holgate   Barry Parslow and Jim Hopper in close formation   
Paris-Roubaix             Simon Jones       Mick Latimer surveys the Paris-Roubaix cobbles    
PBP '79                   Alan Sturk        John Nicholas (in the suit) founding Secretary of AUK
PBP '75                   Alan Sturk        On the RN12