About this website

www.aukweb.net is Audax UK's primary site
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2015: The domain audax.uk was registered and the domain audax.uk.net was dropped
2011: Website redesigned.  The domain aukweb.com was registered
aukweb.net was adopted as the primary domain name for AUK's website, with audax.uk.net and aukweb.com held as alternatives
2006: The website was moved to a new server and the domain aukweb.net was registered
2002: The website was moved to a dedicated server
2000: The domain audax.uk.net was registered
1999: The website was officially recognised and supported by AUK
1996: The domain audax.uk.com was registered
1995: Audax UK's website was established

This site is currently hosted on AUK's dedicated web server,
(1995-2008) Site scripted by Francis Cooke with additional input by Simon Ward.
(2009-2013) Site scripted by Pete Coates with additional input by Francis Cooke.
(2014-2017) Site maintained by Francis Cooke with support by Terry Kay and Pete Coates.
(2018-present) Site maintained by Francis Cooke with support by Terry Kay.

A lot of effort goes into coding for maximum download speed and to ensure compatibility between the latest versions of popular browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

The site uses the following technologies on almost every page (including this one):
Cascading Style Sheets
Cookies - used to allow non members to save entry details if they choose the option to save details in a cookie.

Server side the site uses a LAMP server.

We like a fast website -
Graphics and other effects are kept to a minimum to enable speed of access.

Last updated : 04 Feb 2019