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Wanted - assistant Arrivée editors!

We're looking for some assistant Arriveé editors. As we start work on the new website, we need editors who can commission, edit and publish articles online.

Like the Arrivée editors, you'll need to be available for 3 months every year and need to have basic internet and desktop publishing skills.

If you're keen to give something back to Audax UK, this could be quite a fun job.

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Who are we?

Audax United Kingdom is the internationally recognised long distance cycling association in the UK.

AUK Calendar Events take in some of the best cycling roads in the UK. Our events  range from 50km to 600km and more, so you are sure to find an enjoyable challenging ride.

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To join AUDAX UK please use the online application form. It's simple to use, and allows you to join instantly by paying online.

Medals and Badges and ACP awards

Members can now buy medals and badges online Medals and Badges. Details of two awards from ACP are at ACP Awards.