The AUK Forum

At AGM2103 it was proposed “that the Board will provide an electronic forum for AUK members to discuss policy and strategy issues”. The rationale for this being “it is unsatisfactory that these issues are discussed on public forums in the absence of a members’ only facility ... its provision would enhance democracy and transparency within AUK and hopefully lead to sounder decision making that reflects the wishes of club members”.

Accordingly we are pleased to announce… the AUK Forum, which can be found at

The forum can also be reached by clicking on the red AUK logo at the top and bottom of most AUKweb pages. and on the AUK forum you can get back to AUKweb via the 'AUKweb' menu item on the right hand side of the main menu (next to logout).


To sign in, use the AUK membership number and password you use for the AUK Website, entering your AUK Membership number WITHOUT THE LETTER PREFIX.


If you forget your password or want to change it, see the forgotten/change password page in the Members Section of the website.

We have adopted SMF for the forum as it is familiar to many and offers a wide range of user and support facilities, including private messaging, bookmarking of favourite topics, notifications of posts to those favourite topics, and so on.

It is intended that the forum will become the main communications channel between the AUK Board, Delegate teams and membership, and from launch will have sections for official business and topics of wider interest. This will develop with your feedback.

Access to the forum is restricted to AUK members. Only AUK members will be able to view content and post to the forum, and members will post under their given name as registered with AUK (no forum pseudonyms). As a private forum it cannot be used to promote events and disseminate technical information to the wider world. That will be the role of the new AUK website when it comes on stream.

In posting on the forum please observe forum 'etiquette' and respect the privacy of members and the forum itself.

This is a ‘bold new initiative’ for AUK and we will all be learning as we go, so please do bear with us. We hope you will enjoy using this new AUK facility.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to post at the forum reception desk or email

Happy Posting!

Last updated : 04 Dec 2018