Easter Trail

Easter Trails to York


The Easter Trail is a new team event based on the Audax Club Parisien's Trace Vélocio.


Similar in various ways to our existing Easter Arrow, the aim of these events is to ride as a team and cover the maximum possible distance heading towards York. There are several distances however between the Trail and the Arrow. There is greater flexibility in the ride as the maximum time allowed is now 35 hours. There is no minimum time and you are free to ride at whichever pace you choose.


The Easter Trail is validated by Audax Club Parisien as AUK's equivalent to the Trace Vélocio. It is not eligible for ACP's nor AUK's Randonneur 5000 and 10000 awards as it is not considered a 24 hour team event due to the flexible time limit.


Easter Trail Rules


  1.      Teams consist of 2 to 6 machines (tandems count as one machine). The team must ride together and at least 2 machines must arrive at the finish for the ride to be validated. Only team members who ride the whole distance will be validated.
  2.   Teams may start anytime from 0:00 on Good Friday. Start times must be adhered to and different teams may not ride together. If several teams are using the same start point and route their start times must be spaced a minimum of one hour apart.
  3.      A minimum of 201km and a maximum of 360km must be covered.
  4.    Teams must arrive at the finish in York between 8am and 11am on Saturday. 
  5.      Each team must design their own route. The distance credited will be the minimum distance between the controls. Routes can be circular and in any direction but must finish in York. Routes are not eligible for AAA points.
  6.     The route must have a minimum of three controls (not including the start and finish controls) spaced at least 50km apart.
  7.      There is no minimal time duration between start and finish and there is no restriction to the duration of the rest stops.
  8.      Appropriate retro-reflective clothing should be worn at night or other low-light conditions.
  9.      Entries must be received by the organiser at least 15 days before the event date to allow checking of route and dispatch of brevet cards. An official Easter Trail entry form must be completed for each team and a standard Audax UK entry form for each rider. Please include 2 stamped addressed envelopes per team (addressed to team captain) – you will need “large letter” stamps due to the size/weight/number of the brevet cards.



Last updated : 24 Feb 2018