Blowingstone-White Horse

103km cycling event starting from Uffington, near Wantage. Controls at MARLBOROUGH - The Food Gallery, on R 100m past church, plus 4 information controls.

A challenging ride that tackles some of the iconic hills in the area, particularly Blowingstone, Spring Hill, and White Horse Hill. The route is mostly on quiet back-roads with light traffic.

The route is named after the Blowing Stone – a perforated sarsen stone that can be made to ‘sound’ if blown correctly - that is situated close to the route. Blowingstone Hill is one of the major climbs on the route to ascend to the Ridgeway. Uffington White Horse – a ‘real’ Bronze Age artefact rather than a Victorian copy – is close to the final info control. The route also crosses Ermine Street and utilizes a short stretch of the Icknield Way.

103 km   in 6h52
Sunday 10th May 2020
09:30   to finish by 16:22
Starting from:
Uffington, near Wantage
£7.00   ( £6.50 when paying via PayPal. )
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