Fleet Moss 212

212km cycling event starting from Claughton, N of Preston. Controls at Slaidburn, Dent and Gargrave, plus 4 information controls.

Fleet Moss is listed by the Guardian ( http://goo.gl/zTiwrn ) as as one of Britains top ten toughest climbs. You will have ridden about 100km by the time you tackle it so you will be warmed up and ready!

Food at the start, at Dent and at the finish included. As the cafe facilities in Dent are limited , we will have a manned control and feed station , located in the main car park in the centre of the village. If you can wait there is a real cyclists cafe in the Dalesman at Gargrave (154km) as long as you are there by 4.00.pm. Fee for entries on the day will be 10.00

212 km   in 14h08
Sunday 10th June 2018
07:30   to finish by 21:38
Starting from:
Claughton , N of Preston
£7.50   ( £8.00 when paying via PayPal. )
Closing date:
Event has been cancelled.

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it was previously listed but is no longer being run.
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