Mad Jack's - John Seviour Memorial

125km cycling event starting from Hailsham. Controls at BATTLE, BURWASH, BATTLE and BATTLE, plus 6 information controls.

Classic early season AAA Event now in it's 19th year which attracts a loyal following. Main control is Skarletts Cafe based in Battle/ 1066 country.

Route sheet updated 18/2/18. Riders please note, there are lots of potholes that have appeared and too numerous to plot each one. Please ride as you normal ride on roads with potholes. Also lots of mud and gravel from the recent rain that has washed off some of the fields, again proceed as you normally do in these conditions. The return route section from Fairlight from 85.30 @ Three Oaks the Road is CLOSED but one can still get through if you dismount and walk about 10 metres through the pedestrian pathway........................................................... Closing date 14th February 2018......PLEASE NOTE- riders need to visit all controls and obtain an ink stamp on their brevet cards, sorry gpx tracks will not be valid as an alternaltive..................Please use the correct postage stamps if using large envelops, check with the PO before sending, don't forget temp insurance fee if you are a non member................... The route passses through unspoilt East Sussex countryside focusing on the North and East of the county. The route passes some of Mad Jacks folly's. Skarletts Cafe offers a warm welcome with hot beverages and a great selection of food where you visit three times. If entered, temporary/ new members, please familiarise yourself with AUK regulations.(Postal entries, if you are able to download/print you route sheet then please do so, let me know if you have done this option on the entry form). If entering via post, please just send one SAE, as I will self validate and the successful riders will receive their validated brevet card at the finish.NO ENTRYS ON THE LINE. If entered please check your pay pal receipt for proof of entry, please download/ print your route sheet/ gpx file Qualifying ride for Brevet des Grimpeurs du Sud. Please bring A PEN to fill in the answers to the 7 Information controls on your brevet card, which are needed as to provide proof of passage and to gain successful validation. The commercial/ manned controls also require a stamp or till receipt. The Team depart from the start just after 9.00 as to enable us to set up in Battle, please DO NOT ARRIVE LATE as there will be no one to meet and greet you. For those that whish to use any local bike shops during the event the nearest one's on route is M&S in Hailsham, other non local bike shops are Battle garage opp the Abby, Kontour in Polegate and Cycle Revival in Heathfield, other shops near and around Hastings. Alternately have the machine serviced before the start, see notes on route sheet regarding new brake blocks and winter tyres etc..................................

125 km   in 8h56
Saturday 24th February 2018
09:00   to finish by 17:56
Starting from:
£7.00   ( £8.50 when paying via PayPal. )
Closing date:
Entries now closed.

06:57 GMT
17:29 GMT
Shown on map below.
Start Map

R F P 85
Andy Seviour
Andy Seviour
Entries to:
Andy Seviour
(event closed - contact details removed)
14-25 kph
Total Climb:
Event No:

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If you intend to navigate using GPS, please remember that this event includes 6 Information controls - check the Routesheet