A Bluestone's Throw

417km cycling event starting from Almondsbury, Bristol. Controls at Hafodyrynys, Pontardawe [Free], Craig Rhos-y-felin and Llanfoist [Free], plus 3 information controls.

A GWR AAA SR series 400 heading west into Wales and the birthplace of the Bluestones found at Stonehenge. Making use of old railway lines inc Hengoed Viaduct & NCN47; a mix of forest track and wind turbine service rd

Interactive map available through corresponding event in web link. ============================================================ A bare bones event to compliment Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 the following day. Ride to Craig Rhos-y-felin in the Preseli Hills for a Neolithic BBQ. How did they get the Bluestones to Salisbury Plain? Lugged them over land, floated them round the coast, or was it the glaciers? ============================================================= Qualifying event for the GWR AAA SR series; cloth badge for all completing this AUK season: www.gwraudax.co.uk/aaa-sr ============================================================= Having crossed the Severn Bridge into Wales make your way to Usk following NCN42 with a superb drop down to the valley floor. Back lanes to Pontypool and the old road as you climb up for the first stop at 'Breakfast in Bread' - open early for you; then over to Crumlin. On to the spectacular Hengoed Viaduct; sold for 1 once the tracks were ripped up. Follow this old railway for a while then various cycle routes to first the Taff Valley, second the Cynon. Into the hills and follow NCN47 arching north above the Rhondda Valleys through forest and open hill tops on tracks and wind farm service roads before descending to the Neath Valley. Over to the Tawe. Remote hill tops to the Amman Valley. Into Carmarthan on rural lanes and out on more to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Craig Rhos-y-felin for an al fresco BBQ (by the stone outcrop subject to landowner confirmation). Now you are all 'beefed' up it is time to return. You will be thankful that you have put almost 2/3rds of the climbing behind you at this point! Head back to Carmarthen, bit of A40 here but there is an adjacent cyclepath should you wish to use depending on time of day. Enjoy the respite of 'flat' roads up the Towy Valley for a good 30km before climbing up to Usk reservior and over to Trecastle. The next 70km to Usk is all 'downhill' and easily navigable late in the evening with tired legs. Up once more then downhill to Chepstow and the bridge. Finally that last hill of the ride, small in comparison to what is behind you, will feel like a mountain! ============================================================= Postal finish - grab a receipt from the 24hr garage/ATM. Or if you want to make a weekend of it and see where some of the Bluestone's ended up then hand your card into me at the start of Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 start 08:00 on Sunday. http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/20-770/ ============================================================= No parking/toilets at the start! Hortham Lane close by has no restrictions. There are several hotels between the finish of this and the start of the 200 if you go for the double.

417 km   in 27h48
Saturday 11th July 2020
04:00   to finish by + 07:48
Starting from:
Almondsbury , Bristol
£9.00   ( )
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05:05 BST
21:25 BST
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Audax Club Bristol
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15-30 kph
Total Climb:
6687m [6561m for AAA]
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