Abbeys and Roads

206km cycling event starting from Frenchay, Bristol. Controls at Lacock, Minchampton, Taynton & Tibberton Village Hall and Monmouth N Services, plus 2 information controls.

Passing three abbeys in various states, and crossing the old Calne branchline to Taynton & Tibberton village hall; lunch inc cake included in the fee. Follow roads around the Forest of Dean and back across the bridge

Starting at Bristol Bike Centre you climb up onto The Cotswolds at Hinton making your way east to Lacock to enjoy savouries and cakes from Lacock Bakery. Passing the abbey you head up Bowden Hill to Derry Hill. Descending you will pass the site of Stanley Abbey long since raised to the ground, and also the dismantled Calne branchline, before heading north through Malmesbury passing its abbey. Slowly climb quite roads to The Cotswolds Edge through Minchinhampton. Drop straight down into Stroud and up and over to Gloucester passing across its docks. Using the historic Over Bridge to cross the River Severn you then dip under the A40 using a cycle path and head on to Taynton & Tibberton Hall to enjoy the spread laid on by the local WI; all included in the entry fee. Carrying on you cross the Wye with the Forest of Dean to your left and use the old road to Monmouth. On the descent you will have to join the A40 dual carriageway for 3km but being downhill it is over quick; but please take care on this section! Continue west before the homeward stretch south over the hill to Chepstow and The Severn Bridge. Just before the end there is the infamous Fernhill, infamous as for many Bristolian riders it is that last niggle you get coming back from usually an even nigglier ride over the border in Wales. Starting from Bristol Bike Centre which will be open from 06:30 with track pumps and any other bike related sundries available. There will be refreshments available from the Starbucks on site. Please use the toilets considerately! Car park is open from about 06:00 and will remain open till 21:00. Finishing at The White Horse, Hambrook; about a mile from the start.

206 km   in 13h44
Saturday 9th December 2017
07:00   to finish by 20:44
Starting from:
Frenchay , Bristol
£10.50   ( )
Closing date:
Entries now closed.

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08:02 GMT
16:02 GMT
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YH G NM P R T (100)(9/12)
Will Pomeroy
Audax Club Bristol
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15-30 kph
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