Easter & Summer Arrows to York

York Arrow Cloth Badge Easter and Summer Arrows to York

The Easter and Summer Arrows to York are team events, based on the format created by Audax Club Parisien for the Flèche Vélocio, in which teams head to the traditional Easter cycling rally in Provence (France). 

The aim of these events is to ride as a team, with the goal to cover the longest distance possible during 24 hours, heading towards York from various starting points.

The Easter Arrow is validated by Audax Club Parisien as the UK’s equivalent to the Flèche Vélocio. It may be substituted for the Flèche Velocio when claiming your Randonneur 5000 and 10000 awards from ACP.

The Summer Arrow is run to the same rules but is only validated by Audax UK. Either event may be used towards the AUK Brevet 5000 and other AUK awards.


1. TEAMS consist of between 3 to 5 members (tandems count as one member e.g. 5 tandems allows 10 riders). The team must ride together, and at least 3 team members must arrive at the finish for the ride to be validated. Only team members who ride the whole distance will be validated.

2. START TIMES. Teams may start from Friday 06:00 to Saturday 10:00hrs. The start time must be adhered to. Different teams may not ride together. If several teams use the same starting point and route the start times for the individual teams shall be spaced at least one hour apart.

3. DISTANCES. At least 360km must be covered during the 24 hours but you should plan more e.g. 400k or 500k as your target. 
The team will be validated if the actual distance covered is within 20% above or below the one stated before the ride (with an absolute minimum of 360km) E.g. if you plan a 450km route the team must ride between 360 and 540km

4. ROUTES. Each team designs their own route. Distances will be credited from the shortest distance between control points. Routes can be circular and in any direction but must eventually head for York. Routes are not eligible for AAA points.

5. CONTROLS Each team member shall obtain proof of passage at the starting point and each designated control in the form of a stamp, ATM or till receipt. If proof of passage is not available a photo of the whole team clearly identifying the place (e.g. in front of a road sign) may be substituted.
During the 22nd hour and at the end of the 24th hour the exact time and location of the team must be noted in the brevet card and proof of passage obtained.
The team must ride until the end of the 24th hour. If proof of passage is not available at that point they must continue riding to the next available place where it may be obtained. This does not have to be York, it can be on the way to York.
A minimum of 25km must be ridden between the 22nd hour control point and the finish.
e.g. You start Saturday at 09:00hrs. You must obtain proof of passage between Sunday 06:00 and 07:00hrs (22nd hour), and at 09:00hrs (24th hour).  It is 09:00hrs, you have ridden 420km but are in the countryside 10km from the next town. You must ride to this town, obtain proof of passage and note ‘420km’ in your brevet card.

6. SUPPORT No following cars are allowed. Teams may only meet a support car at the designated controls. No rest stop may exceed two hours.

See also the Flèche Vélocio Rules at the ACP's website


Brevet Cards must be returned to the organiser within 14 days of the ride. The Arrow will be validated provided that:
  • At least 3 team members have ridden the same distance and arrived at the finish together
  • At least 25km has been ridden between the 22nd hour control and the end of the 24th hour of the ride
  • The mileage covered within 24 hours is within 20% above or below the one stated before the ride.


One team member will be designated as the team captain and will be the sole contact with the organiser. 

When a team has been formed the captain must send the completed AUK entry forms for each individual team member, together with the entry fee and stamped addressed envelopes for the return of the brevet cards and medals (either to the captain or to the individual team members)

At least two weeks before the event the captain must also send a completed  registration form (available below or from the organiser) detailing the route controls, distances and estimated passing times.


Last updated : 21 Jan 2019