Joining Audax UK

If your membership lapsed on 31/12/18 don't worry, you can still renew without any penalty and in time to get your first Arrivee of the year - just click here and enter your number and password. Do not use the online membership form, otherwise you will be charged a joining fee!

The basic fee for a new member is £23 for a calendar year, ending on December 31st, although new members joining late in the year (September onwards) will be subscribed until the end of the following year. Members joining or renewing for five years pay only for four years and have the benefit of the fifth year free of charge.

Our Online Membership Form allows you to join straight away, and pay fees online via PayPal. Or alternatively you can print the form and post it to the membership secretary along with a cheque.

If you are rejoining after a year or more lapsed membership and want to retain your old membership number, you may get a message saying this is not possible. If so contact  the Membership Secretary (via the form on the Contact Us page of this website) and we can normally sort this out quickly for you. Please do this rather than than continuing through the joining process and getting a new number.

Also if you are rejoining and previously had one or more linked household members, then please contact the Membership Secretary rather than using the online form - if you use it you will end up with duplicate household members!

Overseas applicants are very welcome and can pay fees online via PayPal. Simply use the Online Membership Form.

If you need to pay by some other means then you are advised first to contact the Membership Secretary (via the form on the Contact Us page of this website), regarding postage surcharges, methods of payment, etc.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are as follows:

  One Year Five Years
New Members and Lapsed Members £23 £77
Renewal of Membership £18 £72
Household Members £6 £24
Arrivee Fee for Life Members £11 £55

Overseas Members pay the above rates, but also a postal surcharge of £9 per annum

The Household Membership fee is payable for each additional person, with just a single copy of Arrivée per household.

The Audax UK membership fee buys...

  •     Reduced event fees (for UK residents)
  •     On line results and points for validated events      
  •     The opportunity to achieve a Randonneur Round the Year (RRtY) Award     
  •     The latest edition of Arrivée,  Audax UK’s quarterly magazine and then every new edition sent to you
  •     Up to date details of events
  •     Priority entry to London-Edinburgh-London and other prestigious events  
  •     Inclusion in the Audax UK Awards and Championships structure
  •     Invitation to the Annual Reunion
  •     Third party insurance while participating in AUK events
  •     Access to the web Forum
  •     The opportunity to become an event organiser

Note that non-members can ride AUK events. However, a surcharge of £3.00 per event will be levied on all but Cycling UK members, to provide temporary membership for the duration of the ride.

Last updated : 26 Jan 2019