How to....Traditional DIY

If you are entering by post then you should submit your proposed route along with a completed event entry form and a cheque for the entry fee.

Entry forms can be generated from the website. Simply select the DIY event you wish to enter from the list of events and click the 'Enter' button to open a printed form that you can complete and mail to the organiser along with your payment and details of your route.


If entering online (and not all organisers accept online entries):
First, purchase the brevet cards from the organiser.
Since you are using paper proof of passage you’ll want to select “Printed Cards”.

Then, submit your route online to the organiser from whom you purchased the cards, using the Online Entry Form .
If you want the organiser to check your route in advance, you’ll need to ask the organiser specifically to do this, and enter in plenty of time: at least two weeks before you plan to ride.
If it’s a route you’ve ridden before or you are an experienced DIYer who is confident that your route meets the requirements then you can submit your entry much closer to the day.


Write the names of your controls on the card, and after the ride add the time at which you passed each one.
Send the completed card, the proofs of passage (receipts/ATM slips), to the organiser for validation, along with an SAE if you want your card returned to you.

Last updated : 26 Jan 2018