Entering a DIY ride

There are three parts to the process of entering a DIY ride:

  • Complete and submit an entry form
  • Pay the entry fee
  • Submit your route

If you are entering by post then you should submit your proposed route along with a completed event entry form and a cheque for the entry fee.

Entry forms can be generated from the website. Simply select the diy event you wish to enter from the list of permanent events and click the 'Enter' button for the option to print a completed entry form that you can mail to the organiser along with your payment.


If entering online (and not all organisers accept online entries)

First, purchase the brevet cards from the organiser
You need to indicate the type of brevet card you require when entering the ride. They may be:

  • Physical (cards) if you are getting stamps / till receipts to validate your ride.
  • Virtual (electronic) if you are using a GPS track to validate your ride.

Then, submit your route online to the organiser from whom you purchased the cards, using either the:
Online Entry Form for Advisory routes

or the new option:
Online Entry Form for Mandatory Route DIY with GPS file upload
If you've not done a mandatory route DIY before,
or not uploaded your intended and ridden files via the new form please read these instructions carefully.


Last updated : 01 Jan 2017