Extended calendar event

The Extended Calendar Events or ECE allows riders to combine  a DIY Perm with a Calendar event to develop an extended personal event recognised by AUK Awards.

ECEs grew out of a desire to encourage riders to ride to/from events Calendar events to promote long distance riding generally and provide more flexibility to the AUK Calendar of events. The ECE scheme means that if you live, say,  50km from a 200km Calendar event HQ, you can ride out and back from home and claim the day as a 300km outing counting towards award schemes including RRTY and the AUK Randonneur awards.

ECEs are very flexible, so if you wanted to make your 200km Calendar into a 600km outing by riding 100km out then 300km back, or turn a 100km BP Calendar into a 200km BR, that’s fine too. You still have to ride the whole way but at least now you can have some company from other riders by being part of the calendar event. It all helps!

The regulations and process for planning ECE routes are similar to DIY Perms except the distance must scale the Calendar event up to a recognised BR distance of 200km and multiples of 100km thereafter. Alas only the nominal distance of the Calendar event counts, so if your 200km Calendar event is actually 215km ‘on the road’, alas only the 200km will count towards your ECE total.

Just like DIY Perms ECEs can be validated with paper proof-of passage through controls (stamps/receipts/ATM slisp) or by GPS either as an 'advisory route' where the GPS tracklog is used only to verify passage through your nominated controls; or as a 'mandatory route' where you submit a planned route as a GPS file in advance of the ride, and a tracklog after the ride to show the planned route was followed throughout.

The Calendar event and the linked ECE are recorded separately, the Calendar event being  recorded in the normal way including AAA points and championship points, whilst the ECE Permanent is recorded as a permanent event with 1 point awarded for each additional eligible 100km ridden. So a 100km BP + 100km ECE Perm will be awarded 0 calendar points + 2 perm points, a 200km BR + 100km ECE Perm will be awarded 2 calendar points + 1 perm point, and so on.


Entering and Riding ECEs

To setup an ECE ride, enter the Calendar event as normal through the event organiser but also enter an ECE Perm.

To enter by post select the appropriate line from the ECE listings on the AUK Website. Complete the form and send it with a cheque for £5 to the ECE organiser. You'll need to let the ECE organiser know the details of the Calendar event and your planned ECE route at least 14 days prior to the Calendar event date if you want the route verified before the event.

To enter online you'll need to buy a virtual brevet card and then go back to the Calendar event page and click on 'ECE this event' (you'll need to be logged in to see this option). Complete the details on the form, adding a GPX track if you want to use the mandatory route option.

Your ECE route should generally comply with the regulations for DIY Permanents but should have a maximum of 3 intermediate control locations between its start and the calendar event start/finish location.


If you are working with paper Proofs-of-Passage, on the day of the event the ECE Perm outward leg will require a start control (ATM / shop receipt or similar) and a "finish" stamp at the calendar event start location (the time will be the official calendar event time). The ECE Perm return leg will require a "start" stamp and time at the calendar event location and a finish control (ATM / shop receipt or similar).

For all events up to 699km, the overall minimum speed for the ECE Perm + Calendar event will be 14.3km/hr irrespective of the minimum speed of the calendar event itself.


ECEs are organised by Martin Malins. For more details about ECEs see the Frequently Asked Questions page on this website or the Frequently Asked Questions page on the AUK Forum.


Last updated : 11 Feb 2018