DIY Permanent Events

DIY Perms are permanent events where you plan both the route and the date of the ride.

This basically involves :

  • Submitting a completed entry form.
  • Purchasing a brevet card to record your ride.
  • Telling the DIY organiser when and where you wish to ride.
  • Doing the ride and obtaining suitable proof of doing the ride.
  • Sending the completed brevet to the organiser.

We have 3 types of DIY rides.

  • Traditional DIY : where you get timed receipts / stamps as proof of passage.
  • DIY by GPS : where you submit a gps track as proof of passage.
  • Extended calendar events : allow you to extend a calendar event by riding to/from the event.

DIY by GPS may be either 'advisory' route (any route can be taken between the nominated 'controls')
'Mandatory' route where the exact route is pre-defined by means of a GPX track.




Last updated : 14 Sep 2017