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It's worth checking the Frequently Asked Questions page before trying to contact us as the answer you seek may well be there.
Use the form at the foot of this page to contact the following AUK officials:

Membership Secretary
- Questions about Audax UK membership including personal account details (including passwords) and club affiliations.
- Questions about Arrivee mailouts

Events/Calendar Secretary
- Questions about organising an Audax UK calendar event.
- Questions about specific events should be directed to the event organiser. See the event calendar for contact details.

Permanents Secretary
- Questions about organising an Audax UK Permanent  - Questions about recorded results for an Audax UK Permanent.

- Questions about the recorded results for Audax UK calendar events.
- Adding overseas events to the recorded results   - Questions about eligibility for AUK Awards
- Adding Membership Number to events that were ridden before joining.

Brevet Card Production
- Questions from organisers regarding brevet card prnting and production.

Validation Secretary
- Questions about the validation of results for Audax UK events.

International Correspondent
- Questions about ACP (PBP) and Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Press and Publicity secretary
- Questions about publicity either external or within AUK.

OCD Delegate
- Any questions about OCD and claiming. 

AUK Chair
- Questions about Audax UK governance.

AUK Secretary
- General enquiries not covered by any of the other contacts.

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