Thinking of writing for Arrivee? Here's how

All lengths of letters or articles are welcome from a simple paragraph, to a photo diary, or a blow by blow epic account.

Please supply as much additional information as you can, for accompanying headings and information boxes. Any factual information that you can give will make your article useful to members and perhaps encourage them to participate in future events.


Sending it all to the editor.

Once you've written your article, and collected any additional bits (photos / sketches / etc) you're ready to send it to the editor.

You can do this by uploading everything electronically, and then letting the editor know it's all there. Simply follow the 'upload articles and photos for Arrivee magazine.' link for details.


The Editors, and publication copy dates:

Winter/Spring 2018
Copy deadline 15 January 2018
Managing editor – Ged Lennox (
Guest editor: John Sabine (

Spring/summer 2018
Copy deadline 15 April 2018
Managing editor – Ged Lennox (
Editor: Claire Oldfield (

Summer/Autumn 2018
Copy deadline 15 July
Managing editor – Ged Lennox (
Editor: TBA

Autumn/Winter 2019
Copy deadline 15 October
Managing editor – Ged Lennox (
Editor: Peter Moir (


Please post your articles and photographs either directly to the editor or through the upload portal above.
We try to accommodate material sent after this but please aim for the target date.
Always include your contact details please.

When sending support material such as photographs, please don’t alter or resample them as we prefer to work with the original files straight from your camera. It is also very helpful if the people in the picture can be identified and any locations captioned.

Send the picture files as jpegs and as separate files not embedded in a Word document.

If you need any guidance please feel free to contact the managing editor.

Last updated : 01 Jan 2018